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Chapter 10

💪 Sharing insights and promoting action

🧑‍🍼Prepare to have at least two dissemination meetings, one for the community from where the stories originated, and the other to project partners, including organizations ultimately accountable for implementing recommendations and addressing information and health service delivery gaps.

📺 Based on your audience, develop the report in the most effective format. This may be:

  • Written report with one-page executive summary 
  • Executive summary PowerPoint slide
  • Narrated video presentation
  • Visual storyboard 
  • Infographic
  • Podcast

🏫 Choose the appropriate venue and time and meet the community and partners, and share project overview, results, story excerpts, and recommendations. Leave ample time for Q&A and getting feedback from meeting participants.

⏩ At meetings, discuss and record any follow-up actions, responsible people/organizations and timelines.

📅 Make a plan for how to follow up on recommendations to see what has changed a month, three months, or six months from now.

⌨️ Publish the report and stories (when appropriate) for the public to be able to access.

🎉 Celebrate everything the storytellers, you, your team and partners have accomplished!

Visit the resources page for templates, tools, and more.
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